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    Is there a way to block people from using our .com account to send out spam?
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    Anyone else noticing an increase in spam?
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    Another migration question

    If we move from a VPS to a dedicated server when your support team does the file migration will all the database settings transfer over as well?
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    PCI Compliance

    I wasn't sure where to post this question. We have a managed hybrid account. Can it be made to be PCI Compliant (lack of better term) and what is necessary from us to do so? Thanks, Jim
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    Connection Problems in the SJ, CA

    Just wondering if there is some type of problem. I'm getting reports from forum members of slow connections, and have noticed access to our website has been slow one minute and quick the next.
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    Listed as an attack site

    I just found out that google has listed my forum as an attack site. It appears someone from the IP address has cloned the website address or something. If you google and then click on the link, it will alert you to a virus or malware site. Anyone have this...
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    X Cart

    We are looking at X cart software for an ecommerce shop. Are there any known compatibility issues? I checked with them and was told to check with knownhost.
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    Yahoo Email

    Does anyone else have a problem with Yahoo blocking emails?