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    Dedicated Box

    Will KH ever roll out its own dedicated box plans?I'm sure response will be good!;)
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    Adding RAM

    I have a KH VPS-L plan and very satisfied with it currently.Unfortunately my VPS seems abit slow especially during peak periods with more visitors.I'm thinking of just adding RAM to my plan only as my current disk space and other resources are still plentiful.Is that possible and whats the...
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    Meery Christmas Knownhost!

    Would also like to take the opportunity to thank KH for providing a problem-free,smooth and excellent hosting experience for the 1 year i've been with them,especially the support team who have always been very tolerant of silly requests and qustions we made!:p Great support,hardware,service...
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    EAccelerator vs XCache

    Hi there.I'm currently using EAccelerator on my vbulletin board.Just wondering does XCache does the same or even better?Kindly please share your experience with me!Thank you!:)
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    Please recommend me a new GFX Designer - I got conned

    Just a few days ago,I got a guy from to help me with this.I was impressed with his previous works and and out of trust,sincerity and to show him that i'm really interested in hiring his services,i settled the full payment immediately after less than 30 minutes on MSN discussing the...
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    How to free up disk space?

    In my Power Panel,i see that my disk usage is going up at an unusual rate.From a 6 gb + to 4.92 gb diskspace available now.Just wondering if this is normal or?Also,i just ran a du -h --max-depth=1 command and here's the results Any idea where the usage went to?Any more SSH commands to ran?
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    How to upgrade mysql and php?

    Search the forums and couldnt found any answers.Is there any easy way?