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    What's the names of nameservers on my VPS?

    I use nameservers of my registrar, I wanted to move them to my VPS (knownhost). I need to enter 2 addresses of nameservers (usually it's and in the registrar's panel. What are these for my VPS?
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    Partial connectivity problem on LA-CA?

    I'm getting reports from visitors that they can not access my site or the site is extremely slow. Seems like the problem exists for visitors from Belgium only (from other countries the site is very fast). The problem started after I moved from SJ-CA datacenter. Can anyone confirm it?
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    MySQL buffers size

    I'm trying to optimise mysql (the most resource intensive component on my VPS). How can I change "sort_buffer_size"? Are there any other buffers that should be increased first (I have some spare RAM)? Does these changes take effect only after the VPS is rebooted? What size of buffers should I...