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    Connecting to a Remote MySQL database on my VPS

    I'd be careful opening your MySQL database to allow connections from domains such as *; Comcast is one of the largest ISP's within the US and therefore means you're creating a pretty big security risk by doing so. I'd only allow specific IP Addresses if I were you. - Devon
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    VPS Server Questions

    The longest wait time I've had between ticket responses thus-far has been 38 minutes and I'm assuming that was because they actually looked into the matter before responding. Whereas most companies will respond asking an un-related question to make their response times appear to be quicker. On...
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    Installatron Interest?

    It looks much better maintained that Fantasico - however, it's not something I'd use as I prefer to install things manually. It often gives the user more control and is a great learning exp. However, for those who like the quick and easy installation solutions - I think people would probably be...
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    Interested for a vps.

    As mentioned in my initial post, you should be able to have a few thousand visitors per day before having to worry about upgrading to a better server. - Devon
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    Crontab Permissions

    Doesn't appear to be anything I'd worry about: Hope this helps, - Devon
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    Connecting to a Remote MySQL database on my VPS

    mylinear was on the right path with the answer he provided above - what's happening is that you're being blocked out by a built in security measure to prevent hackers or unauthorized access to your databases. You'll have to add you're IP (or the IP of the server trying to connect to your VPS) to...
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    KnownHost & Sales

    Visit the contact page and it will give you the information you've requested. :) - Devon
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    Interested for a vps.

    The amount of RAM used on a server with 0 visitors on any of the hosted sites will still vary depending upon the number of background processes running and several other factors. As you can see on, cPanel/WHM alone has a minimum system requirement of 256MB of RAM...
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    Diskspace blowout

    I'd say you have some other logs that need cleaned out or your statistics software may be behind... Additionally, if you have a popular site that has several errors or warnings then you may have some huge error_logs coming from PHP... Hope this helps, - Devon