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    Mass Mail ?

    I already have Domain Keys , Reverse Dns and an SPF record set up. How do i get the email addresses ? from my social networking sites user email table. How do you decrease the amount of email sent per second or minute then ?
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    Mass Mail ?

    I have 10,000 members on my social networking site. I need to email them about a party am hosting for the site this summer. Now, How can I send 10000 emails without SPAMing or my emails being junked ? and without having lots of email in mail server que, especially Yahoo ones. Any ideas of an...
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    Knonwhost guys add photo to album please

    I wanna see jennifer . lol :D
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    Whats Yahoo's Beef ?

    option is still on the table :
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    Whats Yahoo's Beef ?

    Whats Yahoo's problem ? i have 1400 mails in my mail que to Yahoo. I know am not the only one having this problem. Mails sent to my subcribers in Yahoo is always a problem.. i keep getting 421 defered mail issue.. i've contacted yahoo, filled forms, followed their webmaster guideline etc.. its...
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    Reboot once a day. Good idea?

    i do reboot maybe every 2 days or so.. i noticed my site runs smoother & faster when i reboot the vps.. .
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    am in a bad mood and I wanna write something bad about knownhost.. the only problem is.. I HAVE NOTHING BAD to write about them :mad: . Their service is just fantastic. will come back later when i think of something bad as i've been thinking about it for about 1yr now:(
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    KnownHost Support Down ?

    I've contacted knownhost support for a few days now and not got a single reply. Not even one of those automated email replies that tells me about my support ticket.I've been with knownhost for over 1yr now.. summin is wrong..
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    How to generate schedule cpanel backup ?

    How do i set a scheduled cpanel backup. That will generate a full backup of my site ? I want to be able to do this so it generates a full backup cpanel every 5 days. I will then download them from later from ftp. someone mentioned to me something about cronjobs and ssh or something.. . any...
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    ShoutCast - am I allowed ?

    I keep hearing of shoutcast.. am i allowed to install on my VPS ? just on a small scale use and testing.. just want to get the feel of it. Am i allowed to sir ? best regards Knownhost Fan for Live
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    Known Host overselling ?

    yes, it was apache's api was running as CGI instead of apache. so i rebuilt apache on whm and it worked fine . thnx
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    Emails Sent to Hotmail Junk. Please Help!

    Hi, emails from my server to hotmail lands in the hotmail junk folder . My IP is not blacklisted. I checked and saw that emails sent out by the VPS are sent as user : nobody . I have not compiled PHPSUEXEC in Apache and I dont want to, that addon is just not worth all the problems I had with it...
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    Root Access ?

    use CuteFtp . it works :D . connec ton Sftp mode
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    Football anyone??

    am a big football fan. My fav team is Manchester United. Legends!. we got classic players, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Christiano , Saha!. I think we stand a firm chance of winning the premiership this season. Chelsea can spend spend spend, however, they lack style:D . erm, who are eagles ? :D
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    Known Host overselling ?

    ok resolved. please delete thread. we cool :D
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    Known Host overselling ?

    The past week, my website has just really been unusable, I have checked my logs and most time I am in the red. There has been no changes in my traffic, same old daily users coming to my site to check their pages etc. However, all resources are on red!. Cpanel, WHM hardly even opens. Is there...
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    cpsrvd failed emails

    ok i've checked it. i think am hitting resource limit. there is quite a few black zones and yellow zones error thing. wot i do or how can i resolve it ? add more memory ?
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    cpsrvd failed emails

    I am getting more and more of these emails now. and during that time.. my site is hardly accesible.. how do i fix it ? cpsrvd on failed cpsrvd failed @ Wed Oct 4 15:22:22 2006. A restart was attempted automagicly.
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    Turn on Global Variables ?

    I have accessed my site via SSH . I need to turn on Global variables . I ran the following command in SSH console : pico /usr/local/lib/php.ini then i went to line 316 and changed register_globals = Off to register_globals = On . I have saved it by pressing Ctrl + O and then pressing Enter...
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    How to access ssh?

    yea, u can use putty. at the moment i use Xmanager Enterprise . its quite cool and has lots of cool options to play with. Best Regards KnownHoster :D