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    Unmanaged and managed services

    Seeing that all packages come with a fully managed service and that this service is applicable only to packages with a control panel, I suggest offering a package for unmanaged accounts for users who don't make use of a control panel. Thanks.
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    How do we clone a VPS account?

    After configuring a VPS just the way we require it, how to we go about cloning this VPS setup? I've setup nginx with php-fpm and MariaDB and I've configured my php applications to run on this setup. Now I'd like to have the same setup on another vps account of the same size. Does anyone have...
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    Green Hosting

    You have to admit, it's starting to grow exponentially. More and more "Green Hosting" companies are springing up all over the place as corporations and consumers are becoming more conscious of their mark on our planets resources. My feeling from hosting with KH for over 2 years is that this...
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    XEN versus Virtuozzo

    Hello, I was wondering what the reasons would be behind using Virtuozzo over Xen? Stability? Performance? Many thanks
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    Cron setup with Directadmin interface

    Hi, I have a php script which I would like to be called everyday at 6am for 5 minutes. Any ideas on how to do this with the Directadmin interface? I've tried this (space between php and /home) 1-5 6 * * * /usr/local/bin/php /home/USER/domains/DOMAIN/mailer/crons.php I've also tried...
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    Dedicated Server Options

    Its every website owners dream to eventually have enough traffic to justify a set of load balanced servers. Seeing that I have just got comfortable with KH (especially with the new Cali servers on a separate IP block being added to the products) , I was wondering what would happen when one of...
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    Mod Security: Good idea?

    Hello, I have been reading about Mod Security, an open source security firewall. I already have APF installed on the VPS account. Can anyone share their experience with Modsecurity and if it is a usefull tool to install. Thanks
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    Reboot once a day. Good idea?

    Is there any benefit to reboot the vps account once a day during low traffic hours? If yes, is there an automated way to do that?
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    Optimising Security settings on VPS account - Part 1

    Hello, I'm working on tightening the security settings on my vps and have enabled my firewall in the VZPP as the first step. I will post all the steps I am going to take to optimise my account, as I go through them, so that this becomes a resource for other members of the community. Some...
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    Community Promotion

    Hiya, Community is so important. It creates a nice buzz for the company when there is a happy active community. Suggestions: Inform all new clients of the forum availability. Suggest to clients to post here first, if they think their support request might be of benefit to other clients. Put a...
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    Suggestions for this forum

    Dear Friends, Recently I received an email from sales (Helen, I think) asking if I have any suggestions regarding the service of Knownhost (which was a unexpected though welcomed surprise. I have never experienced a web hosting company taking the time to send an email like that, in the last 6...