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    Override SpamCop RBL?

    Hi, It seems has put a large number of Google gmail servers in the RBL and legitimate mail from gmail users is being rejected by my VPS. Is there a way to whitelist select IP addresses and override SpamCop? If so, instructions or pointers would be appreciated. John
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    MySQL PDO Support

    KH: Do the shared reseller packages support MySQL PDO? I notice that my CPanel sites run PHP 5.2.5 which required PDO support to be added. PHP versions 5.3.x and later have PDO support enabled in the core PHP. Is it possible for me to change the PHP version that is used? If not, is it...
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    IP Deny Manager Circumvention

    Hi everyone, I have one cPanel account which hosts a small private forum. Like all Forums on the net, it attracts would-be spammers. I have used the IP Deny Manager to block large ranges of IP addresses from even trying to access the forum area. Recently, I have started noticing that...