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    iptables or denyhosts

    iptables or hosts.deny Just wondering, if someone was attempting to brute force root/shh what is the better way for blocking the the offending IP#`s? iptables or hosts.deny? I have BFD installed, but of course it won`t block everyone that is attempting a brute force. Sometimes there could...
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    Failover options

    Not sure whether failover is the appropriate term, but anyways I`ll try and explain as best I can! Just wondering what the options are regarding if ever a vps goes down for some reason or other, what folks do to keep their main site up and running? There`s nothing worse than have the...
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    Clientexec users

    I`m fairly new to using Clientexec. I have a client who`s billing is due on Jan 4th. I have Clientexec set to send out an invoice 7 days before the bill is due. I don`t know whether anything has been sent to the client. I as admin never recieved a carbon copy (should I?), and when I check...
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    Cerberus Helpdesk

    Does anyone here have any experience with the Cerberus helpdesk? I`m trying to make some sense of the parser it uses. The documents are a little scatty when it comes to the parser details. Cheers.
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    Box Trapper

    I understand Box Trapper is quite a resource hog, and would use up the limited VPS ram pretty quickly? Personally I`ve been using it for a long time on shared accounts. It certainly kills most of the spam from bots that I was getting. However I have to remember that with a vps, resources are...
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    New Accounts

    Dumb question of the day here!! However, do cpanel vps accounts come out of the box so to speak and ready to go? Ie: mailservers ready, dns, nameservers etc or do I need to set each of those up? So far, I`ve followed the tweaks here Had...
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    eAccelorator problems

    Hi all, I`m a newb when it comes to linux and running a vps server, however I am always willing to learn. I installed zend optimizer yesterday which appears to have successfully installed according to my php info file. Support also installed eAccelorator for me the day before, but this is...