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    DNS settings for domain, email and site

    I am trying to work out the best practice for DNS settings for some domains of mine. Let's take an example. I have registered at Dynadot. The site is hosted here at KnownHost. Currently, the domain has a DNS setting with the nameservers using another domain of mine,
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    Staging environment

    With the Managed VPS servers, do you get a staging environment for your Wordpress parts of your site?
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    Tuning mysql and mariadb

    I've got a rather large mysql database and have a couple of questions: 1. How can I tell if my database is the mariadb type or mysql? 2. I've read that you can tune the database for speed using my.cnf? Or something like that. Is it tricky to do?
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    Front-end caching setup for Xenforo

    I have a lovely host combined with some lovely Xenforo forum software, a combination that works well. Tick! Now I want to optimise speed of everything on my forum. I have litespeed but yet to get that working properly, so in the first instance I want to focus on front-end caching of sessions...
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    DKIM and SPF records - needs sorting!

    I am concerned that I've been hacked regarding my DKIM and SPF records. There seems to be some anomalies but I am no expert at this! I believe it would have been done at my previous hosts. Also, I am not 100% sure they are set up correctly, now that I have changed hosts. What is the best way...
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    Litespeed impact on site performance

    I see the litespeed and cache options available for the VPS packages. What I would like to know is what performance improvement they bring to page load times and site performance. Is there any data available on this? Would it make my Google PageSpeed rating go through the roof? How do you...
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    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    I have several sites, but a couple of bigger sites at my current web host. I am looking at migrating some or all of these to a Managed Professional VPS Server. Naturally, I have some questions. 1. I understand there is a 30% discount for a years payment upfront. What happens if I want to add...