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    Wordpress & VPS Optimization - what a nightmare

    Yes, I think KH should offer and special configuration for Wordpress user (just some tweaks to apache, etc), this will help you to get many webmasters out there. Specially the ones like me who doesn´t want to mess up the server. Now I´m going to Hybrid from VS3 :( because of my wordpress...
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    VPS Performance with WP

    Ok guys, I´m going to go with your services. Last question, Do you have support just in english? or spanish too?
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    VPS Performance with WP

    Hi people of Knownhost I want to ask you about your VPS plans and my Wordpress projects. Actually I have running some blogs, and my stats last month were: Unique visitors: 424 866 Page views: 1 530 993 So, my actual VPS can´t handle that. What is your recomendation? I just use Wordpress, and...