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    IE Shows old website on multiple PCs

    I have a website and for some reason the website shows an old version in IE. Firefox and chrome both show the correct version but IE shows the old one. I've refreshed the cache, flushed dns and tried on multiple PCs on multiple networks but all show the old version. Is this something I need...
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    Wordpress group/user issue

    I moved my wordpress site from cpanel shared environment to KH Cpanel environment. The previous server was suPHP so i could use several php.ini files. Problem is Wordpress cant write to the folders unless its set to 777 and i dont want to do that. I tried and tried to set the folders to the...
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    Access domain via IP

    I want to setup my websites before I change the nameservers to the new server. How can I access a domain on directadmin via IP instead of domain name?
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    VPS w/ DirectAdmin

    Hello KH, I am currently in a shared environment but i do have VPS knowledge so leaving Cpanel is no problem. I have just a few sites, not massively high traffic, that i host and i'm wondering if VPS M would work with DirectAdmin. VPS L doesn't look bad with the current special though...