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    webmail loading too slow

    Greetings , I need help in sorting out an issue being faced by a particular client on my VPS. The client has his offices in different cities of my country and at all the locations neither emails are being loaded through outlook (2007 and 2010) nor through webmail. The outlook starts sending and...
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    Need Advice: Moodle generating huge mail relays

    Greetings members/guests, I have a client on my vps who runs moodle on his webspace. Recently I have started receiving mail alerts of huge mail relays. I got them checked from KH support. They referred them as an script error. the possible script that generates errors is CLI. I checked it on...
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    Wordpress Hosting

    Greetings all, I am not much of a technical guy but I have been reading some articles on my thread title. I have a VPS (cpanel) with KH. Right now offering small number of hosting accounts with not much burden on the resources. My clients ask me whether I am offering Wordpress Hosting or...
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    Root Compromise

    Hi friends, Being on KH is the only thing I feel comfortable. Few days back my VPS got hacked. most websites are still under the influence. The server is still root compromised. The suggestion I have got from support is to get another container, a fresh one, and migrate accounts on it. This...
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    Receiving mail failure notifications in spam but not from my own address

    Hi I may be asking a stupid question but for a newbie its OK! I usually receive in my email spam folder the mail failure messages that come from numerous account hosted on my VPS. Whenever, any mail fails for any client's email account, it comes to me. It may be some sort of settings issue...
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    Mail being received back to sender

    Hi, there is something strange going on (at least for me). A client of mine uses outlook 2007 for sending and receiving mails. He reports that every mail he sends to anyone (on the same domain or outside) receives a copy of the mail in his account too. As if he was the recipient of the same...
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    how to keep account unfrozen even when reached to 100% limit?

    Hi, My clients usually complaint that when their email ID inbox reaches to limit, they are not able to log in till the email inbox allowed limit is raised from cPanel. Some also complaint that once their account reaches t0 100% allowed disk space their accounts freeze blocking their access to...
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    How to know actual disk usage?

    Having a wordpress and only one mail account (with few MBs of data only) my disk usage shows 197MB out of 200 MB allocation. Can anyone please help guiding how to know the folder or file that is actually taking a huge space? Thanks