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    Affiliate account and coupon codes

    That's odd, because I didn't get half off my second month's service when I upgrade in November and the lifetime discount was not black friday because I ordered well before black friday. November I paid $90 December I paid $80.08 (not even close to being half off)
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    What's the best resource to learn more about Linux?

    Just wondering what the best resource is to learn more about Linux and managing my VPS server. I'm a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to my server and I really hate having to put in a support ticket for something small that I wish I would have known how to do myself. What's your recommendations?
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    How to make cpanel login ""

    Does anyone know how to make cpanel login for customers be "" ? Thanks! I'm loving my new KnownHost VPS! Support is awesome!
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    How to backup to local computer?

    Does anyone know how I can backup my server to a specified folder on my local computer's hard drive?