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    Server Monitoring

    If you're going to paste email addresses in forum posts, at least ascii encode them.. otherwise you're just making more spam for people. P.S. KH: You haven't removed all the email addresses.. hover over the one just above..
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    Nice link.. now I don't hafta read that tools posts either.
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    dedicated server, pleeeaaasee...

    Sounds good.. as long as they're in Cali as well as Tx.
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    VPS Addons

    Thanks Joel, though i've since developed some red/green colorblindness, and whatever colour that status dot is, I don't notice anymore. ;)
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    VPS Addons

    If you do read the above posts, you'll see I wasn't suggesting unlimited upgrades. :cool:
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    Modernbill dashboard (BEST EVER)!!

    Not "WHMCS for modernbill". WHMCS is a program. Similar functionality as ModernBill. Another choice that KH also offer.
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    Modernbill dashboard (BEST EVER)!!

    Have you looked at WHMCS before?
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    Memory Question

    You may want to reduce number of SpamAssassin processes by installing the "spamdconf" item through WHM >> cPanel >> Addon Modules and then setting the "Maximum Children" parameter to 1 at WHM >> Add-Ons >> Setup Spamd Startup Configuration.
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    VPS Addons

    Hi Jay, Thanks for replying promptly. I do understand where you're coming from, and I didn't mean there should be unlimited upgrades for the VPS plans, but cmon, +256mb upgrades are the most you offer? Even on the highest plan WITH the 256mb upgrade, that makes a total of 768mb? If I was...
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    VPS Addons

    I have a VPS XL account with KH, and i'm fairly happy. I recently got the +256mb Ram Addon, which was 12.50. I then enquired about another +256Mb, but was told there is no 512Mb Addon - and I can't have 2x 256Mb Addons. If I wanted more ram, I would have to upgrade the whole plan. Hmm...