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    Personal Congrats for adopting Xenforo

    Hey guys. I was a long time Knownhost VPS user up until i had my own dedicated. The server is amazing and I personally congratulate you for implementing xenforo since, no doubt, it's the best forum system right now (and we tried them all). We did become like experts...
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    About VS3 and Hybrid CPU

    Currently I am on a VS3 VPS and it was working great up until last week. My backup takes ages and I could found out looking at the charts that my VPS is now "cap" in the cpu, a simple zip file of 50mb takes ages and the CPU assigned to the zip process in WHM indicates 0.4 0.1ussage...
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    Slow Initial load (3 seconds)

    Hello great community! I had been using the VS3 VPS happily almost "ever-after" up until now. I don't know if I touch anything that made this appear but now, all my websites are showing a slow initial loading time of 3 seconds where before they were instant.
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    About to Jump on VPS and have a couple of questions - total newbie

    We started our website a year ago (tecnogaming) and currently running with xxxx hostin with basic shared hosting. All was good and sound, till our visits started to scale up and then, sudden slowdowns are common and on top of that, they modify things on the server and things stop working on my...