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    WordPress Optimizations on VPS

    Hello, PHP-FPM is not directly supported by any of the control panels we offer as far as we're aware, as for the rest - we can attempt to install them per your request as with any other 3rd party software. Hope this helps. Anything else needed let us know. Thanks, Joel
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    Looking for new VPS solution

    Don, Not recently but it can happen time to time. Usually something isn't setup 100% properly and once fixed the issues subsides. Hope this helps. Thanks, Justin
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    Looking for new VPS solution

    Hello, Thanks for your interest in KnownHost. We will do our best to make sure things work for you. We take care of our customers and do everything we can to make them happy. We can migrate your data from your current host so help make them move easier as well. Hope this helps. Thanks, Joel
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    VIP program coupon + Current Specials?

    The point of the VIP program is your discount increases as you add more VPS's. We have some resellers with 25% lifetime discounts and te real benefit is once you get over 11 VPS's. Also we don't have lifetime discount promotions all the time. We do quite a bit but there are months where you...
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    Any Phone Tech Support?

    It shouldn't have been down 3 hours so I apologize for that. It was restarted as you know. Moving forward we will be changing a few things anyway so it should help prevent the one time this has happened in 6 years. Let me reiterate since being in business for 6 years this delay happened once...
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    WHMCS Headaches.

    I figured out who you are and reissued your license. It should work now. I still see no tickets open under your account though. Hope this reissue helps you out. We'd never delay something until Monday like that. JFYI. Thanks
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    WHMCS Headaches.

    This isn't a reflection of our company at all. WHMCS is designed like this and needs reissued time to time. If you feel WHMCS key reissue delays of a few hours is a reflection of our company then you are right. We're not the ideal host for you. We're around more then 99% of hosts and even...
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    User Dashboard Password Restrictions (client portal)

    This is a restriction by the billing system we use. We will be changing billing systems this year so this won't apply then. Yes, it makes no sense but we can't change it as we didn't design the system.
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    Review us!

    Should be better now. Thanks
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    Review us!

    Please take a few minutes and give some positive feedback for us at the two links below. It takes 1-2 minutes to do!! We have a new initiative internally and that's more reviews. We have so many happy customers and so little reviews from them...
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    Knownhost = Best Host Ever

    Please take a few minutes and give some positive feedback for us here. We have a new initiative internally and that's more reviews. We have so many happy customers and so little reviews from them. and...
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    Packages Upgraded as Times Change?

    Hello, I believe this was replied to via a Sales email. Any questions let us know. :) Thanks, Joel
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    Unmanaged and managed services

    Yes, this is where will come into play. Stay tuned.. :)
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    NJ Data Center

    Yes, we'd honor that for you. :)
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    KnownHost Santa to Deliver Free Upgrade

    December 25, 2011 – It is the happiest season of all, and that means that the KnownHost Santa is delivering a complimentary upgrade for each of its Managed VPS Services and Hybrid Servers Services customers. On Christmas Day, December 25, the elves will once again work their magic and roll-out...
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    KnownHost's Santa 2010 Wishlist

    Happy Holidays!!! Hope you enjoy! Thanks, Joel
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    Knowhost Santa

    Happy Holidays!!! Hope you enjoy! Thanks, Joel
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    KnownHost Adds East Coast Datacenter - VPS's and Hybrids Available Immediately

    December 12, 2011 - KnownHost LLC announced today that it expanded its VPS offerings to include a New Jersey-based datacenter. The addition joins its already-established locations in Texas and California, and is the company’s third major datacenter brought online in six years. The...
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    is there any offer for this Chirstmas please???

    Hello, We replied to your other forum post. Please check. Thanks, Joel
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    Which VPS

    Hello, Your logins were just manually emailed to the secondary email address. Regarding assistance with configuration, APC, etc you need to submit a support ticket. They will assist you accordingly. That's not something done before the logins are sent. Have a nice evening. Thanks, Joel