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    /~UserHome In Url

    After updating a few domains on my server to utilize dedicated IP's with SSL i have noticed a weird issue in WebMaster Tools. Google is indexing 2 copies of my site, the normal HTTPS url as well as the url with the users home directory. For example: Website Home:
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    Handling Bounced Emails - Best Practices

    Any tips or tricks out there for handling email bounces on my VPS? We currently are using Google Apps as a mail provider, so it is mainly for bounces related to our newsletter mailing with occurs through sendmail. Currently all bounces are being forwarded to my admin email account, which is NOT...
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    Document Root Question

    After migrating my site to KH everything seems to be working fine, with the exception of applications that rely on $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']. After tracking down the code it looks like the variable is pointing to the apache/HTDOCS folder instead of the public_html folder in the users home. Any...
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    Question about multiple domains on VPS account

    I am relatively new to VPS and have a question about hosting 2 (or 3) domains from my account. Currently i have my first domain setup with my primary IP. To access the site i need to browse to XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX/accountfolder. Is there a recommended process for directing my domain name to this...