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    no access to server or KH support/billing site

    Hello, sorry to post in here, bu i have no other way of contacting you.. i have no access to my server or KH support/billing site.. everything just fails to load..
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    CSF custom Regex to *allow* IP's

    Hello all, i am looking for a way to whitelist IP addresses of users who successfully log into Dovecot.. i have too many cases of one user within an office who blocks the entire office's access to the server because their phone is configured with an erroneous login. ideally, these IP addresses...
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    incoming mail bypassing DKIM, SPF, and SpamAssassin on cPanel-CentOS7

    Hello all.. i have DKIM, SPF, and SpamAssassin enabled on all accounts, but i don't understand how emails like this one below are getting through... i'm afraid that, somehow, my server is acting as an open relay.. Here is an actual example of the headers of a spam/ransom message that got...
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    Installing Node.js on CPanel / Centos7?

    Hello, Has anyone installed Node.js on CPanel / Centos7? i don't really want to install nginx, and i've read that it's not absolutely necessary.. it seems from this (also quoted here) that it's pretty straightforward, but does anyone have experience with this? Thank you!
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    3 questions on security and ditching Google

    Hello all, i just have a couple of questions: 1 - the option in 'Tweak Settings' > 'Mail' called 'Add X-PopBeforeSMTP header for mail sent via POP-before-SMTP' is turned on and greyed out so that i cannot turn it off (as it is supposed to be).. i'd really like to turn it off as i've no use for...
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    unexpected RCODE REFUSED -- named going nuts because of spam

    Hello to all, Over 1/2 of the lines in my messages log (/var/log/messages) are as follows: Oct 17 19:09:50 host named[1002]: error (unexpected RCODE REFUSED) resolving '': i understand that these errors come, in part, from non-existent or malformed...
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    Optionsbleed and cPanel

    Hello All, After reading this Ars article, i freaked out a little; tried running the 'test' to see whether my system is affected, but found nothing out of the ordinary: for i in {1..100}; do curl -sI -X OPTIONS https://yoursite.tld/|grep -i "allow:"; done They recommend installing this patch...
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    Using more than one shared IP in cPanel/CentOS?

    Hello, Is there any reason not to 'hack' cPanel to allow the use of more than one shared IP address? It would really make my life a thousand percent easier if i could set up 2 or 3 of my IP addresses as shared IPs so i could group clients' sites on the same IPs... Also, does anyone know the...
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    importing IMAP mailboxes with doveadm sync

    Hello, i was wondering if anyone has experience with importing IMAP mailboxes with doveadm sync... Basically, i need to bring a new client's current gmail (enterprise G Suite) mailboxes into a new account on my VPS.. there are a dozen boxes, not are under 2GB in size, though one is about 5.1GB...
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    Spinning off a cPanel account to new VPS...

    Hello, i have a client on my VPS who is fast outgrowing my server's capacity, and i'd like to convince them to stay with you on a new VPS... As such, i have a few questions.. - i seem to recall something about a KH site in Europe, do you offer VPS-6 or VPS-5 instances from that location (this...
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    AutoSSL Certificate Renewal still pending over 48 hours after expiration..

    Hello, i'm having an issue on 4 domains (31 sub-domains total) that expired over 48 hours ago, and AutoSSL lists the demands for renewal as still pending in the AutoSSL Pending Queue.. My question is this: is there a way to purge this queue and start again with a new request? It seems like these...
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    Dirty Cow on my CentOS 7 VPS?

    Hello, i'm kind of freaking out about the Dirty Cow CVE announcement (see here) and have been trying to get some info on whether the kernel of my VPS is vulnerable.. Although it is CentOS 7.2 (controlled via WHM 58.0-32), the kernel seems to be a very ancient 2.6.32-042stab113.11 i don't really...
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    enable CRAM-MD5 auth in dovecot and exim on WHM/cPanel?

    Hello all, i was just wondering if anyone has gone through the process of enabling CRAM-MD5 authentication in dovecot and exim on WHM/cPanel... i guess the problem is that CRAM-MD5 needs a separate database of hashed passwords, which seems fairly straightforward to set up if you know all the...
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    Plesk 11.5 to latest cPanel

    Hello everyone, i have been, for a while now, seriously considering a transition to cPanel from Plesk (i'm currently on 11.5, on top of CentOS 6.7)... Mostly, i'm frustrated with the PHP and MySQL versions available under Plesk/CentOS; i know that you can use the Atomic or Remi repos to upgrade...