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    Bit Harsh

    There was no need to close that thread but anyhow, I was checking my support tickets and email. I would like to thank Alex in tech support for fixing the problems we had yesterday. Everything has been moved and working fantastic now. I've never doubted it would TBH because I know how good...
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    cPanel Has Fell Over

    We are in the process of moving one of our main accounts from one server to the other and cPanel has decide to break on one of the servers. Oh well I'll just sit here and see what happens... Support are on to it though...
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    Memory Issues

    I bought another VPS yesterday and I'm a bit concerned about the memory usage in cPanel. It only had 256 meg of ram and it was showing that it was using at least 94% of the available ram and quite often hit 100%. So I got it upgraded to 512meg and now it is showing as using 54% Our other VPS...