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    Welcome RocketVPS Customers

    Welcome rVPSers!
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    cPanel & WHM Version 11.34 Released to Current Tier

    YUp ive had it on most of my servers since it came out, Had no issues yet. WHM looks great, would be nice if they worked on cPanel next.
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    IP Address WHOIS

    Ok no problem ill live with it thanks for looking into it.
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    IP Address WHOIS

    Ya its weird, i used to see the private systems one. but now it changed to that.
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    IP Address WHOIS

    Hmm ya thats where the problem comes up. I do not need that many ip addresses. But id love to not have it show KH as my host, and all my clients host. Not much of a white-label system in my opinion.
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    IP Address WHOIS

    I would love the option to setup a WHOIS on my ip addresses. I do not enjoy being able to see this, or others being able to see this: