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    Anna S. - A great support person

    I just wanted to say that Anna S. is very detailed, polite, and goes the extra mile. A definite keeper. She did a great job on a mysterious DNS/networking issue we had the other day. Thanks Anna!
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    Awesome Job by Jonathan K. W. in Support

    I just wanted to mention that Jonathan K. W. did an awesome job on a support ticket for me today. After updating to WHM 58, and EasyApache 4, things didn't convert from EA3 very well (Opcache didn't enable, DSO handler didn't install, MySQLi module was not installed, so WordPress pooped out on...
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    Engintron (Nginx on cPanel)

    I had been using NginxCP for a reverse proxy with Nginx. It worked pretty well, with a few 502's here and there. It was not maintained in a very timely manner. Then came Centos 7.x, and NginxCP was not fully compatible. In my search for an alternative, I found Engintron. I have to say - WOW...
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    UNBELIEVABLE Support from Marjorie S

    I just wanted to say that Marjorie S worked on a ticket relating to a system load spike for us today. She was AMAZING in her thoroughness, and thoughtfulness. Extremely helpful... Thanks to Marjorie and KH for the awesome support!! :D:D:D:p:p:p
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    Passive OS Fingerprinting (WHM 11.50)

    Hello, One of the servers I work with just updated to WHM 11.50.0 (build 10). I noticed that there is an option for Passive OS Fingerprinting. What is the KnownHost opinion for enabling this? Do you recommend enabling it? Are there any significant increases in resource usage when it is...
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    Centos 7 and WHM 11.50

    Hello The release announcement for cPanel version 11.50 says Does this mean that existing KH VPS's will not be updated to Centos 7? Only new accounts? Thanks
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    Memcached with OPcache

    Hello. Two days ago, I had a client sign up for the SSD-1 VPS plan. I was surprised to see that the VPS was created with Apache 2.4.12 (vs 2.2), mySQL 5.6.22 (vs 5.5), and PHP 5.5.21 (vs 5.4). Apparently KH is moving forward with the latest and greatest as a standard, which is great! Another...
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    ModSecurity apparently adds an additional layer of security. But I have been reading that it is difficult to administer, and that it may cause accidental blocks or block search engine bots unintentionally? Is there a way to implement ModSecurity in a way that will not cause unintended issues...
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    Root User Password Disabling

    Hello. I have read that a good security measure is to disable password login for the root user. If this is done, then I take it that it would have to be enabled again, each time KnownHost was asked to get involved via support ticket? How hard is it to disable and enable? And how is it done...
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    Questions on WHM Tweak Settings

    I noticed on our dedicated server that the following items in WHM were not enabled when the server was set up by KnownHost: Enable PHP open_basedir Tweak ( Enable SMTP Restrictions...
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    cPanel 11.42 vs 11.44

    Hello, I use Sucuri for security on my WordPress sites. One of the things that Sucuri reports are any security threats for out of date applications. Sucuri is showing this warning: "cPanel version outdated: Upgrade required." It is only a warning, but I thought I would ask here if...
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    I've been reading up on CloudLinux and had some questions. Does KH offer CloudLinux as an option on there dedicated servers? Does anyone have any experience with CloudLinux? Does it really help improve server stability and security, as they claim it does? Thanks
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    My KnownHost review won a contest!

    I entered a contest on for best web host and did a review on KnownHost. And... unbelievably... I won!! The prize is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with 7" screen and 8GB of storage. I would have never won if I was not so enthusiastically impressed with KnownHosts services :)
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    mySQL 5.6 - is it safe?

    Hello I'm currently running mySQL 5.5.36. I have a need for some of the features of 5.6. Is anyone running version 5.6.x? Any issues with upgrading from 5.5 to 5.6? I run WordPress sites - any issues with 5.6 there? Thanks!
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    Managed Dedicated SSD?

    Hello, I was wondering if there were any future plans on offering managed dedicated SSD servers? Secondary question - are there any plans to bump up disk space and memory on existing SSD VPS plans? OR offer maybe an SSD-5 and SSD-6 with higher RAM, disk, and bandwidth (at a better rate than...
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    Apache 2.4 vs 2.2

    Hello, I have Apache 2.2.26 running currently and I was contemplating updating to 2.4.x version. Does anyone have any experience with performance increase or decrease between the versions? Thanks
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    grsecurity - anyone use it?

    I am running DSO with mod_ruid2 (with Nginx Admin for front end reverse proxy, plus APC caching). This configuration is running smoothly, and many thanks to KnownHost's support group for installing and setting it up on my SSD-2 VPS. mod_ruid2 does some good stuff, increasing security when...
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    apc.filters syntax - anybody ever get it working?

    I have been working on optimizing my APC settings. It has been going well for the most part, with one exception. I am trying it exclude a directory from the APC cache, and am trying to use the apc.filters setting to do it. I have read the documentation on the setting, and also scoured the...
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    WordPress Optimizations on VPS

    Hi I am contemplating moving several WordPress sites to KH VPS. What are the specific server optimizations that KH does to improve the speed of WordPress sites? Thanks!