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    A Records & Mailserver issue?

    Hi, I'm not especially au fait with A Record and all the jazz. My best stops at glueing IP's to nameservers and pointing back to a host provider. So I'd appreciate some help here. VPS got setup today. Received the dns entries. Glued the IP's to each NameServer over at Godaddy and pointed to...
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    Stop WordPress Brut Force Attacks Automatically Using ModSecurity ConfigServer

    It's an exercise in frustration and futility blocking IP addresses of hackers, script kiddies and other undesirables trying to gain access to your WP site(s). Most of these scum bags are either using botnets, which have literally 100's of thousands of infected computers/servers at their...
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    SSD-5 And Equal Share?

    Victor, Thanks mate for the feedback :) Have a great Chrissy and New Year! Cheers Dave
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    SSD-5 And Equal Share?

    For the past 3 years been hosting on a AU managed VPS, with 4 (dedi) cores and 6gig (dedi) ram. Frankly Australian hosting sucks, not to mention it's expensive. My current cost works out around $270US p/m. Getting stung around $100US per/m just for managed. I haven't shifted one because...