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    How do I switch DNS ip?

    I have two IPs for my VPS and I have created a domain at one IP. now I would like to change the IP for the domain created to the other IP? How do I do that in DirectAdmin? When I was using PLESK, it seemed very easy to switch domain DNS between IPs. but I am not sure where to do that in...
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    Drweb Key?

    I guess I messed up Plesk. I tried to update it from 8.1 to 8.2, everything was OK until after the update was done. now I can never start it. error message: ---------------------------------------------------- Key file: /opt/drweb/drweb32.key - Key file not found! A path to a valid license key...
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    does IPtables rules use too much RAM?

    do IPtables rules use too much RAM? My VPS was under attack again. I have banned over 100 IPs with IPtables. I am wondering if it requires too much RAM to keep so many IPtables rules to work for some time? :confused:
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    MYSQL database setup

    It seems that in Plesk, even under the same domain, it is impossible to setup a same MYSQL user for different databases. every database has to have its unique users? what if I want to give permission to user1 to access database1 and database2? (under the same domain). How can I do that...
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    eaccelerator installation failed

    Since eaccelerator 0.9.5 can work with Zend Optimizer. so I would like to install it on my VPS. I tried everything following the instructions at since I have only one php installed, so I did phpize ./configure make make install path is...
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    DDOS Attack - Account Suspended?

    I've got an email from knownhost Abuse Dept about High CPU usage. Well, My VPS was under heavy attack for the past several days. And attack IPs were from Japan, Korea and many South East Asian countries (hundreds of them and more new IPs after some got banned!). I have tried everything to stop...
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    kmemsize limitation

    For the first week that I bought my VPS at Knownhost, I had a VPS M account with an extra 256 MB RAM (384MB RAM total), but the system kept showing kmemsize overloaded. so I had to upgrade my VPS to VPS L +256MB RAM (512MB RAM total). During the past several weeks I've been watching the system...
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    How to auto-restart VPS with cron?

    How can I usecron to automatic restart my VPS. I need detailed info please. :)
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    I need your advice

    I have a forum with the max online members of 290 at the same time. I used to have a VPS of a Canadian company about the same price of VPS Mtx pacakge I have here. But their support really sucks. They charged me for reboot and even tech support! I wish I could have found KnownHost much earlier...