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    Many thanks to KH Freddie

    for finding my SSH connection timeout problem! I spent days trying to figure it out. Freddie found it in short order. KH should give the guy a raise!
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    Setting up a VPS - How Not to Do It

    I'm in the process of setting up a vps package and I created a problem when I registered the account. The problem is, the account name and the host name,, are the same. So, all good, right? But, when I created an account to host the main website who's name is also
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    Tweak Settings/Dormant services

    Hello! I'm a new noob here. I've been setting up my server (ssd-2) package, and going through all the WHM settings before I start testing. I've been researching Dormant Settings this morning and I'm still confused as to the pros/cons of using it, and, if a fella did chose to use it, which...