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  1. Mike54

    First HYS for Xenforo 1.5

    Kier, Mike, and Chris have the secret sauce.
  2. Mike54

    Virtualization Platform Upgrade

    Shoot, I've been doing just that for over seven years. I'm getting pretty good at it, too. :D
  3. Mike54

    KnownHost Santa 2014

    I'm coming up on a 7-year anniversary with KnownHost, and as I've said before, @KH-Jonathan is going to have to drive me out with a stick, to get rid of me. Jonathon, all kidding aside, I do appreciate the help and insight you have provided me. And special thanks to Unni, who jumped in, within...
  4. Mike54

    I made the move :)

    Welcome to KnownHost, @Goodfella. @KH-Jonathan has been a great help to me, in optimizing things for XF. But the best part is that everyone at KnownHost is just as willing to help, when you need it. Jonathon helped me with the decision to use LiteSpeed and combined with APC and Memcached, my...
  5. Mike54

    A feature that will improve your site performance 730%!!

    @KH-Jonathan, how goes the CloudFlare experimentation? It's been 10 days since your last update.
  6. Mike54

    A feature that will improve your site performance 730%!!

    I think that was it, as you will see in the PC. Everything is playing nicely, now.
  7. Mike54

    A feature that will improve your site performance 730%!!

    Rocketloader sucks, as it keeps ending my sessions. I experienced the problem with Mozilla Nightly 31.0a1 and am now seeing it with Chromium Version 33.0.1750.152. Jonathon, flag me up when this is resolved, as needing to log in for every member action has pushed my fun meter OTT. ;)
  8. Mike54

    A feature that will improve your site performance 730%!!

    Jonathon, I think we're all familiar with the issues CF has caused with the Chrome browser, but I noticed this evening, I had to clear my Firefox cache before I could log into the forums. I admit I am running Mozilla's Nightly builds, but I've been doing that for years and today is the first...
  9. Mike54

    LiteSpeed webserver VPS not able to enable caching?

    But, but, but... ;) I think Jonathon was ready to retire before I could finally understand what was happening and what was necessary. I was going to carve "755 for directories and 644 for files" into my forearm, but since they won't let me have anything sharper than these crayons...
  10. Mike54

    redirecting www to non www

    Crunchy, use this code (inserting your domain in the appropriate locations, of course) - RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^YOURDOMAIN\.com$ RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]
  11. Mike54

    LiteSpeed webserver VPS not able to enable caching?

    About the only snag I had were getting my head wrapped around XenForo's directory permissions and getting suEXEC enabled to accommodate them. The only other piece of advice would be to make sure your seat belt is properly fastened, because the performance boost is incredible.
  12. Mike54

    LiteSpeed webserver VPS not able to enable caching?

    suEXEC is enabled within LiteSpeed, which to my understanding is the suEXEC Daemon, as I do not require a per-user configuration of php.ini. But LiteSpeed still takes advantage of APC and is even recommended for use, as you can see here. Whilst compiling PHP from within LiteSpeed, you are...
  13. Mike54

    Help with SpamAssassin Configuration

    I'm happy I was able to help. I've received a lot of help around here and I always like being able to pay it forward.
  14. Mike54

    Help with SpamAssassin Configuration

    Something you might want to check is Home >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager Scroll down to spamd and be sure you have ticked the appropriate box to enable it. As a caveat, reducing the SpamAssassin threshold can be problematic, as it will increase false positives at a tremendous...
  15. Mike54

    LiteSpeed webserver VPS not able to enable caching?

    For those wondering about this exchange, Jonathon has been helping me with getting LiteSpeed installed and configured, over the last day or two. And, if you are wondering about whether or not LiteSpeed is a good move, let me help you. Go submit a ticket to Sales and add it, right away. I am...
  16. Mike54

    LiteSpeed webserver VPS not able to enable caching?

    I've noticed there is now a XenForo add-on to take advantage of the LS cache, so I think there is likely something there. Should you ever decide to start offering the 2-CPU license at the same price, I'll happily take one and give it a test for you. ;)
  17. Mike54

    Has anyone used both the regular VPS and the SSD?

    I currently have both a VPS4 and an SSD4. I regret to say I have no benchmark data on the performance increase I saw from the move to the SSD4, but I can say my users immediately noticed the increase in speed, without my making any mention of the change. If you are looking for performance...
  18. Mike54

    Direct IP in URL bar does not load website, how to fix this?

    If you are using rel canonical properly, there is really naught to be gained. Nor would there be anything lost, other than your time.
  19. Mike54

    News from CentOS

    It will be interesting to see what comes out of CentOS and Red Hat joining forces.
  20. Mike54

    KnownHost amazes me

    I see potential KnownHost customers always asking about the level of tech support and I want to give you an excellent example of the kind of service you can rely on getting around here. I nearly titled this thred, "Tech Support amazes me," but I remembered everyone at KnownHost is amazing. At...