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  1. Mike54

    News from CentOS

    It will be interesting to see what comes out of CentOS and Red Hat joining forces.
  2. Mike54

    KnownHost amazes me

    I see potential KnownHost customers always asking about the level of tech support and I want to give you an excellent example of the kind of service you can rely on getting around here. I nearly titled this thred, "Tech Support amazes me," but I remembered everyone at KnownHost is amazing. At...
  3. Mike54


    Is anyone using MariaDB? What prompted you to use it and how well is it working for you? Is it really the drop-in replacement it seems to be? I've been trying to learn a bit more about both MariaDB and Percona, but it seems MariaDB might be better suited for InnoDB, which could make it a...
  4. Mike54


    Congratulations on the new look. And after perusing the package pricing, I see that is not the only thing that is new. I've been considering an upgrade, but maybe I should let the dust settle before making any hard and fast decisions!
  5. Mike54

    A quick introduction

    Yes, I would be the new kid on the block. After doing a lot of research, studying and discussion with a pal (Hi Sparky), I finally decided it was time to try a VPS account with Knownhost. I purchased a VPS L plan in the Texas datacenter. I have three small vBulletin forums that I enjoy...