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    Invoice Email

    In your invoice notification email, it only contains very limited detail: Invoice number, Total Due and Due Date. And a button for paypal payment. It would be great if you could add more detail at least server host name or main IP address. I have 3 servers in knownhost. I'm using different...
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    95.45% Disk Inodes

    just looked at my vzpp and realize that i have used 95.45% of the Disk Inodes. so my questions are: what is disk inodes? how to increase the space? what happen if it reach 100% usage? server failure? thanks
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    webmin check bandwidth

    how to check total bandwidth i have used for this month in webmin? or any shell command to do this? thanks
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    service auto restart...

    Hi, Does anyone know software to auto restart linux service (such httpd, mysql) went it's down, like monitoring system at whm? im using webmin here... thanks