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    Updated version of WHMCS in download area

    It seems like the version of WHMCS isn't kept up to date in the download area. Can we get the latest version quicker? They are up to 7.10.2. Thanks!!
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    Anna S. is the best

    Technical support operator Anna S. is the best ever! She helped me upgrade PHP on my VPS today. Not only was she fast and easy to communicate with, but she found an issue on her own and fixed it before I could even start researching what the issue was. This is why I have several (all of my)...
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    Getting blocked by hotmail

    Ok, so to be honest I didn't think hotmail was still around. But I am getting emails returned from Hotmail. I am getting an error that "part of" my internet service provider is on the block list. The concerning part is that I am getting this error message from two different KH accounts on...
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    subdomain redirect question

    Hello, I have a subdomain (, which has a SSL certificate installed. Because of the way subdomains are set up, I can still access the content at I would like to redirect all of the traffic to to ensure they are using the...
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    Monitor resources for a particular page

    I have created a new application that will be used in-house but run from my VPS. I want my application to reload the page regularly, but I don't want to overload my VPS with it. Is there a way for me to do some page loads and accurately monitor the resources it uses on my VPS to calculate how...
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    Email errors

    Hey all! I recently started having problems sending mail from my KH VPS. Here's my problem and what I've tried so far: PROBLEM: The following errors are received when sending from SMTP or a PHP mail function from my_domain.ORG TO my_domain.ORG. This also happens from webmail on...
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    Email to AOL returned (blacklisted?!)

    I just moved a VPS over to KH from HG. My site has an opt-in mailing list for which press releases and other alerts are sent out. I sent out an email to my members yesterday and to my surprise I received a LOT of mail bounced back. I determined that the bounces were only from users with AOL...
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    Has anyone installed PageSpeed?

    Has anyone tried PageSpeed from Google? Thinking about installing the open source Cpanel module instead of using their service which will be a paid service eventually. Looking to see if anyone has had any success or problems with it...
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    Wordpress sites and SuEXEC

    Currently, my 'configure PHP and suEXEC' settings are the following: Default PHP Version (.php files)5 PHP 5 Handlerdso Apache suEXECon Apache Ruid2off If I leave the settings as they are, one of my clients WordPress sites does not self-update or allow for updates without the user to...
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    Just switched to KH

    I just switched to KnownHost from another well known provider. I'd just like to say that KH staff have been extremely helpful, VERY fast in responding to migration requests/questions. My migration has gone off without a hitch and I'm EXTREMELY satisfied. Just in case anyone was on the fence...