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    When to upgrade or do I need to?

    Hi, I currently have the VPS XL plan with 256MB extra RAM. I use WHM and CPanel, of course each of my clients have thier own cpanel. Currently there are 23 accounts, most of them are personal web sites, but just about all have forums and photo albums (SMF and 4images). There are also a few...
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    dumb php question

    I have a client that is interested in running php6. My account is currently using php4.1. I have other clients that do thier own php coding that use 4.1. Now here is the dumb question. Can php be upgraded by just certain domains instead of for all my clients?
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    What version of OS do the accounts use?

    Hi there, I am thinking of putting a mysql table editor on my account to help with the phpmyadmin head aches. So I need to know what version to use to try this. RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 (x86) RPM RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 (x86) RPM Fedora Core 5 (x86) RPM SuSE Linux 10.x (x86) RPM Generic...