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    Free Directory

    I have setup a Free Directory on my website, feel free to link your website in buddies!! I would be glad that ppc submit KnownHost link then I will create in the Other Categories a "Hosting" one to link to this awesome webhost ;) Feel free to submit everyone and also you ppc ;)...
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    [SCRIPT] Yum update notifications via email

    To say short the script below will yum check-update regulary each days and send you an email notifications when new packages are available, just replace the to your address, HOST="" to your domain, add the cron jobs and you're done. Further intructions are in the...
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    [DEMO] Nagios system performances monitor and alert notifications

    Ps:If the demo passwd changed, check back this thread, I'll maintain the demo access to promote it for KnownHost customers because that's a must-have tool that deserves interest and lots of uses for KnownHost and its customers included. Hello there, I'm actually experimenting & would like to...
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    Need help to know wich packages are useless and safe to remove

    Hello there, on my VPS I have planned to use only: -Lighttpd -Postfix -Courier-IMAP -Courier-Authlib -MySQL -PHP -BIND -SSHD -Proftpd -Pico I don't need visual stuff like desktops, sounds, etc etc, but due to my lack of knowledge in linux, someone nice could help me to locate in the list...
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    small suggestion on the default VPS HTTP server

    That would be awesome KnownHost installs by default Lighttpd instead of Apache on the VPS machines, this would introduce it to new users that don't know it and because it uses far less memory/CPU than apache, this can be only good I think for a VPS machine :) My 2cent suggestion ;) <===...
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    Is it apache bug ?

    hello there, does some days I can't get ride of a strange apache behaviour within my error_log I see a lot of: [Tue Nov 27 08:12:35 2007] [warn] (111)Connection refused: connect to listener on [Tue Nov 27 08:12:36 2007] [warn] (111)Connection refused: connect to listener on...
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    why the defaults email ports are opened when no mail server installed

    hello, I have installed Postfix and have troubles to have it working simply because there is default ports opened 25 110 995 etc on my machine when connected it timeouts without no mail server running on the machine ... So then when I start my Postfix mail server, the postfix ports are not...
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    [HOWTO] Install mysql,php,apache,proftpd, etc LATEST versions via Yum for CentOS

    I have found these informations on the web and this may interest you if you would like to have this last version packages wich are the most important for a website (of course I have tested and using this and all products are working perfectly): CentOS does not provide proftpd in its...
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    apache => ftp files chown/chmod security question

    Hello everyone, Would llike a small hint for security, is it better to separate the apache owner user from the ftp owned user ? I mean to run apache on a unique user "apache" and administrating my ftp/website files under the ftp server owned by another unique user for example "ftpuser", is it...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello from france everyone :=) New custimer here because knownhost received goods reviews and reputation cames oversee so I must give a try :) Hope I have choosed the best VPS provider! :)