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  1. woodp

    VPS Suspended by Billing

    Sorry to go this route, but I'm completely offline (websites and email) and it's now been 30 minutes since I updated ticket #445894. Is anyone home?
  2. woodp

    Confused about Secure SSL/TLS Email Certs

    My VPS has no need for https, but I would like to use Secure SSL Email. The cPanel setting for incoming and outgoing servers would be It was recommended I purchase a wildcard cert for and ... which I did. Now I'm told that a single cert on...
  3. woodp

    Help with SpamAssassin Configuration

    A client has asked for SpamAssassin to be enabled. Knowledgebase suggests two simple settings changes ( which I performed. The cPanel manual suggests some additional EXIM settings which I've also implemented...
  4. woodp

    RBLs settings?

    More than one email to me from a Yahoo or Comcast customer has bounced with a SMTP 550 code and spamcop being the culprit. Today I logged into WHM | Service Configuration | Exim Configuration Manager | Basic Editor | RBLs and found that both and were enabled...
  5. woodp

    Cheap, yes cheap wildcard SSL?

    Thought I'd poll the community to see if I could solicit some assistance. Earlier I found out that for mail over SSL, I need a wildcard certificate. Turns out a standard certificate won't support IMAP's SSL requirement with just or I need a wildcard to support both...
  6. woodp

    PHP Version deprecated?

    Could use some guidance here - Today I tried to install tt-rss (Tiny Tiny RSS) and it failed because it requires PHP 5.3.0 or later. I'm still running 5.2.17. After some googling, I'm finding 5.2.17 has been deprecated. That generated a host of questions for which I can't find an answer: I had...
  7. woodp

    Drupal PECL/APC question

    I'm using my Managed VPS account to host a number of Drupal sites. The standard Drupal "status" page includes "Upload Progress." My sites all show "Disabled" and: Your server is capable of displaying file upload progress, but does not have the required libraries. It is recommended to install...