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  1. dbltoe

    Getting blocked by hotmail

    Still having our problem with AOL, AT&T and sbcglobal.:mad: Have tried on multiple occasions with no resolve.
  2. dbltoe

    Graymail - Any have this?

    More often, a newsletter or other subscription that the user may or may not realize they signed up. Unlike the UK, the US does not require double-blind newsletter subscriptions.
  3. dbltoe


    <unpaid_endorsement> Over ten years ago, I was having a lot of problems with spam. Changing emails to avoid the problem was not an option. What I found then (and still use today) was Mailwasher. It's a great product and, coupled with SpamCop reporting, can be a invaluable tool in your arsenal...
  4. dbltoe


    New version out in March.
  5. dbltoe

    Thinking of Moving but MANY Questions.

    We have been on another host for several years. Like many there, we are fed up with the demise of service/uptime provided. We have nearly 50 customers all involved in e-commerce and specialize in hosting Zen Cart. We try every means possible to contain pricing while providing just a little...