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  1. Dan

    WHM v88

    Hi there Larry! If you're on the Stable or Release update tier you should be as safe as you can be. I've been running 88 for a couple weeks now, I think it is, and I have not had any issues. Dan
  2. Dan

    So what's up with the Network and Hardware status

    Hi Dave! I'm not 100% sure but I think that the Admin has it set to only show the past few days worth of posts in that section.
  3. Dan

    CSF dropping Virtuozzo/OpenVZ support

    I did find this post on ConfigServer's forum stating that it will keep working but that changes may need to be made to the default installation for new servers. Hopefully they will at least provide some guidance on what should be changed. That's some comfort at least however does this mean that...
  4. Dan

    CSF dropping Virtuozzo/OpenVZ support

    Looks like ConfigServer is dropping support for Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, here's a snippet from the version 14.02 changelog Are there even any decent viable alternatives for CSF?
  5. Dan

    Large backups to S3

    Backups ran on Saturday and the change that I made to Maximum Destination Backup Timeout made no difference at all. Still only 8 of the backups were transferred. Total elapsed time of the transporter log was less than 30 minutes. Thanks for the help everyone but it looks like I should just...
  6. Dan

    Large backups to S3

    Hi JonathanKW! That timeout is set to 30 seconds and has a maximum of 300, it looks like it's just looking for a response from the remote server and is not a transfer timeout. I'm not seeing any of the text from your log file snippet at all in my log. No 'LoggerAdapter' or 'warn' or anything...
  7. Dan

    Large backups to S3

    Hi Josh, The Maximum destination backup timeout was at the default setting, I think it was 2700 which is 45 minutes. I have now changed it to 6 hours. The whole log from beginning to end is little more than 20 minutes, 21:39 to 22:02 so, yeah, certainly no where near the 45 minute timeout...
  8. Dan

    Large backups to S3

    JonathanKW, Nope, no timeout indicated anywhere. I'll attach a copy of my log here, the two added to the queue that only have three lines are the backups that were added and failed. However doesn't the destination timeout really mean the maximum time without any response back or is it actually...
  9. Dan

    Large backups to S3

    Thanks Jonathan, I'll definitely look into it!
  10. Dan

    Large backups to S3

    Hi there! I previously used a script I wrote with the help of some others on the forum to run backups and then upload them to S3, recently I had the backup file for my own domain start failing to transfer to S3 because it has gotten fairly large (over 13GB). Sometimes it would transfer and...
  11. Dan

    CSF custom Regex to *allow* IP's

    Hi petersconsult! Maybe I'm missing something but I don't really see the point of allowing the IP numbers temporarily. IP addresses of business are not usually dynamic and even if they are they will still usually last months. I'd say to simply scan through your maillog and manually add the IP...
  12. Dan

    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    Great to hear! Welcome to KH Jon!
  13. Dan

    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    Transferring from a slow server will absolutely affect the transfer, the obvious is that it will make it take longer. Timeouts may very well be an issue especially with a DB that large. Don't delete those backups from the server as KH can use them if they can't do the transfer. Don't forget to...
  14. Dan

    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    Hi Jon12345, 1) It's always a good thing to have your own backups. If cPanel at your old host is operational and they haven't disabled the transfer function then KH will do their best to do a direct transfer. However if that doesn't work they will need backups. 2) You will need to update your...
  15. Dan

    ConfigServer - CSF change to configuration (Country Code lookups (CC_LOOKUPS))

    Thanks Jean, I'd been seeing this error but hadn't had a chance to look into it yet.
  16. Dan

    Hello Members

    Howdy RylJam, welcome to KH!
  17. Dan

    5 years with KnownHost --> 2014/2019

    Congratulations Jean! It's awesome when things work the way they're supposed to!
  18. Dan

    Malware scanner for website

    Have you actually checked back with them and asked why they sent you IP numbers that aren't yours? Obviously if they block those IP numbers it wouldn't even block your website so it seems like someone made a mistake somewhere and sent you the wrong IP numbers.
  19. Dan

    Unable to obtain exim queue length within 30 seconds - Timed out

    Hi knowhostfan! I have not found much information on this issue other than it may be sent out at times of high server load. Is this by chance being sent when your server is running upcp/backups? Even if it is I didn't find anything in the way of a solution in my research, only that it happens...
  20. Dan

    whm backup is giving me a lot of trouble

    hi knowhostfan! In WHM go to Server Configuration | Configure cPanel Cron Jobs There should be a section for Command: backup and in there is where you can change the time. There is also a section for Command: cpbackup which is for the legacy cPanel backup system and you should avoid using...