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  1. Dan

    CSF dropping Virtuozzo/OpenVZ support

    Looks like ConfigServer is dropping support for Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, here's a snippet from the version 14.02 changelog Are there even any decent viable alternatives for CSF?
  2. Dan

    Large backups to S3

    Hi there! I previously used a script I wrote with the help of some others on the forum to run backups and then upload them to S3, recently I had the backup file for my own domain start failing to transfer to S3 because it has gotten fairly large (over 13GB). Sometimes it would transfer and...
  3. Dan

    Something going on with the forum?

    Is something going on with the forum? My unread thread indication is way off. The logged in indicator says 'Log in' instead of my name but when clicked pops up and says 'Oops, we ran into a problem!'. I've tried in Chrome and Firefox and both have the same thing. I figured I'd give it a day but...
  4. Dan

    DNSSEC & Namecheap

    Hey there! The default resolv.conf file supplied by KH includes the localhost ( which prevents us from changing to PowerDNS if we want to enable DNSSEC. Is the localhost reference needed or can it be changed? If it's changed is it going to revert on a reboot? I read in a previous...
  5. Dan

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to everyone at Knownhost and here on the forums! Here's to another great year!
  6. Dan

    Merry Christmas!

    To all my friends here on the forum and at Knownhost I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!
  7. Dan


    So I just noticed that I had my 10 year Anniversary with Knownhost a couple months back! When things run so smoothly one tends not to even look or realize such things! Happy Anniversary KH! :D CHEERS!
  8. Dan

    Happy Holidays!

    Wishing everyone a Happy Holidays from the West Coast! Here's to another excellent year with Knownhost! :D
  9. Dan

    Merry Christmas!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
  10. Dan

    MySQL 5.6 upgrade increases memory usage

    Has anyone else upgraded to MySQL 5.6 and seen a very sizable memory increase? I updated yesterday and went from 5-6% memory usage on 5.5 to slightly more than 30% on 5.6. Everything seems to be running fine so I'm just trying to figure out if this is normal or if I should be looking around...
  11. Dan

    Apache error after updating to WHM 11.40

    If you run into the following error after updating WHM to version 11.40 then you simply need to run EasyApache to fix it. Essentially it looks like they are adding support for IPV6 and due to the old httpd.conf not supporting it you get this error when trying to run the apache_conf_compiler...
  12. Dan

    Issues with httpd.conf host owner and more

    Since a WHM update (11.38 I believe) I had been getting an error when rebuilding httpd.conf or restarting apache regarding my server's hostname: info [apache_conf_distiller] Missing owner for domain, force lookup to root Well I Googled the error again today and came across a...
  13. Dan

    Wp-login.php hackers

    I don't know about the rest of you but in this last week all of my hosted Wordpress sites have been getting attacked by a large botnet in an attempt to comprimise the sites. And it's been very widespread as this post on WHT shows. In trying to deal with it I did a number of different things...
  14. Dan

    How to configure slave DNS and vanity nameservers on Zerigo

    Hello, There's been questions in the past about using a backup or secondary DNS service and I'd been thinking about it for a while myself so this last week I went ahead and signed up for one so thought I would show how I configured it here in case anyone else is interested. The service I...
  15. Dan

    Possible problem with a Roundcube file

    Hey everyone, I just made a post on the cPanel forums regarding a possible hack for a Roundcube file on a cPanel server. I would recommend that you all do the same until they push a fix. The full path to the file is /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/bin/msgimport
  16. Dan

    Creating accounts/domains

    Alright, so you have your new, bright and shiny VPS. What now? First, be sure to log into WHM and walk through the initial configuration. If you registered a domain with Knownhost this will probably be at least partially done for you. Be sure to create A records for the host and for your...
  17. Dan

    Integrating Google Apps with cPanel domains

    First off thanks to BAlGaInTl for the original write up on how to integrate with DirectAdmin. Much of how to do this is the same as BAlGaInT's post and you can accomplish the goal using his write-up as well but since it is a different control panel I thought I would make a post as well...
  18. Dan

    CentOS upgrade?

    Hey all, As a general rule of thumb I prefer to keep operating systems up to date and current. The notable exception to this being WinME and Vista but that's another story. Since my VPS is running CentOS 4.x in your opinion should I expend the cash and effort to get an updated one with 5.x on...
  19. Dan

    Backup script for Amazon S3 using cPanel backups, encryption, and logging

    This is a post that will show the tools I use and the script I run to create four rotating encrypted backups to Amazon S3 with logging. With the original script you would receive the log email sent via cPanel's backup script. Now that log is written locally with additional logging and then...