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  1. KH-DanielP

    Resolved 5/21/2020 ssd08-ga

    ssd08-ga has suffered a kernel panic. It is in the process of rebooting now and will be further investigated. Estimated recovery for clients 5-10 minutes.
  2. KH-DanielP

    Are there any hourly/daily email limits for a VPS?

    Hi @MrMiami You can find our term limits here: We advise no more than 60/min when sending emails to ensure deliverability and that you are monitoring & maintaining a clean list including removing bounced emails etc. It's not a hard & fast...
  3. KH-DanielP

    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    Howdy! That's correct, it is alpha at the moment but we're anticipating it will be released as a more stable version in the next 1-2 months. At this time we can't guarantee it for DA. It's core functionality on how it backs up files hasn't changed, so it's more about the tight integration with...
  4. KH-DanielP

    Expectations for Magento 2 Performance on Cloud-3 KVM Plan

    Howdy @RoboPhung If you'd like we'll be glad to look further into this for you. The DD tests that you copied show a mis-understanding of how DD works and why it isn't a good tool to measure with. First off you're using the dsync flag, according to the man page it does this: dsync Use...
  5. KH-DanielP

    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    @MrDeranged sorry for the delay - the new backup product has been released: We've also got a pre-release going for JetBackup licenses which you can add per server as well. We use this software for our Shared & Reseller clients and it does have some...
  6. KH-DanielP

    Servers are not white labelled

    @Kayz unfortunately it's not possible to stop third parties from compiling lists of who's who. All of our publicly listed information is white labeled, however places like this simply put 2 + 2 together and provide an easy searchable list.
  7. KH-DanielP

    Rating/reporting of individual support people

    Hi @opoloko feel free to direct message me here on the forums and we'll investigate. This should absolutely not be the case and we do apologize if you've had any bad experience with one of our staff.
  8. KH-DanielP

    CSF dropping Virtuozzo/OpenVZ support

    @Dan Well that's a new one to look into. As far as things that integrate as well as CSF does, not really to be honest. Overall there's really not a lot of differences in iptables management and how it functions, it's more about additional features that full kernel access provides. I'll have to...
  9. KH-DanielP

    similar hardware to kh migration questions

    @TasTiger thanks for reaching out to us. > Q: Does KH outsource support? No, we do not outsource support. All staff are direct employees of our company. > FH have 24 vs 2 at knownhost when looking at comparable hardware and pricing. So, this is the old method of divvying up resources. What...
  10. KH-DanielP

    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    That's always a crap shoot in my experience. With anything SEO on general there is never a hard fast 'this works/ this doesn't work' rule. I think the biggest impact is the URL structure change. Redirects mitigate that, as well as monitoring for 404's from old URL's and redirecting those etc but...
  11. KH-DanielP

    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    That's awesome, I'm glad you've joined us. Welcome to the family!
  12. KH-DanielP

    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    @Jon12345 Ouch! That is horrible to hear. For a site with a 17gb database, assuming your server gets running smoothly would take an hour or two tops to transfer over. Any more questions let us know!
  13. KH-DanielP

    Migrating a vbulletin forum

    @Jon12345 First off, thanks for considering KnownHost. 1) So our 30% Discount will remain with you for life as long as you stay within the same package group. You can upgrade/downgrade in that group as needed. The one thing this discount doesn't apply to is software license addons, we keep...
  14. KH-DanielP

    Feedback email from Knownhost

    Howdy @considering thanks for reaching out to us. That is indeed a third party we use to collect product feedback and customer reviews / opinions. Thanks for being a KH customer!
  15. KH-DanielP

    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    Howdy, Please accept my apologies for the delay. The fact that you had requested this to occur on the 13th was not relayed to me so the task for adding the new IPs was not prioritized correctly. I've got the new IP addresses added to your server and assigned a member of our staff to assist you...
  16. KH-DanielP

    Do not upgrade old VPS with virtual CPUs to new one: appalling performance

    @opoloko Apologies if I mis-spoke, as I have not had time to look over your services. It does appear that your node application is consuming the majority of the resources, and that falls outside of my forte to be able to tell you if you are using it efficiently or not. My initial reply was...
  17. KH-DanielP

    Do not upgrade old VPS with virtual CPUs to new one: appalling performance

    @opoloko Thanks for your post. I do apologize that you feel we are cheating customers, as that is absolutely not the case. It sounds as if you've come from one of our extremely old legacy VPS packages that are based on a different CPU allocation. Those vCores are distributed among all customers...
  18. KH-DanielP

    the deals that pay a year in advance

    Frank, That's awesome to hear. Welcome to KH! :)
  19. KH-DanielP

    Support tickets - "passwordless access"?

    Howdy @jp001 thanks for your question. So this is a secure system that allows our technicians limited and restricted access to your system during the scope of the ticket. We do have a bit of information regarding it here...
  20. KH-DanielP

    the deals that pay a year in advance

    Hi there. If you're referring to our 30% coupon for either the Managed VPS line or our KVM Cloud line then yes, you can purchase 1 month to start and then after that month covert it to a yearly payment plan to receive additional discounts. Thanks!