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  1. doulos

    Seattle location

    I sure hope the new Seattle location does not exhibit the same network and/or hardware issues the Georgia location seems to have.
  2. doulos

    Pushing Email

    Is there a way to force (or allow) cpanel accounts to push emails when they come into the server? I would like my iphone to be notified when there is email waiting without having to manually check for email, if possible. I have my iphone accounts set up to push email. Thanks.
  3. doulos

    Gogglebot login to system?

    From the cPHulk Brute Force Protection History Report anonymous66.249.65.77system2014-06-21 18:29:03 anonymous66.249.70.215system2014-06-21 18:28:57 Why would a googlebot be trying to login to the system?
  4. doulos

    Two month review

    After 7 years of very satisfied service from HG, the EIG "migration" destroyed that satisfaction. I tried to sit it out and let them get things straightened out. But, finally gave up, and moved to KH. So glad I did. I have had a few issues here but mostly they were due to my own ignorance...
  5. doulos

    phpmyadmin database export

    Is there any fix for the bug that will not allow the export of large databases? Results of an attempt to export a large db: I can't even export a single small table. ---Edited to remove your server's ip---
  6. doulos

    Move complete

    After months of discouragement at HG and a recommendation from another former HG customer, I finally moved my VPS to KH. Very happy so far. Speed and reliability at least equal to what HG used to be. Extremely happy with the support responses I have received so far. Will definitely...
  7. doulos

    question about cpu usage as shown in top

    I am curious as to why on core is running at 100% all the time (if I am reading it correctly). I also have a VPS from another provider and runs at 75-100% but most of the time it is not 100%. Note: I'm in the process of moving everything over here. top - 07:51:29 up 63 days, 13:18, 2 users...