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  1. KH-Jonathan

    A Few Questions Before Coming Over to KnownHost

    Thanks for checking us out! Sure. You can create as many accounts as you want in DA. That's what we're here for ;) On dedicated servers, yes. It's not quite available on any of our VPS lines yet. Yep DirectAdmin has it as well and it's part of management. Absolutely. That's part of the...
  2. KH-Jonathan

    Large backups to S3

    JetBackup is really the way to go.
  3. KH-Jonathan

    Restrict phpmyadmin by IP

    cPanel or DirectAdmin?
  4. KH-Jonathan

    Extra SSD for VPS

    It will be a while before it's available but it's on our roadmap.
  5. KH-Jonathan

    Extra SSD for VPS

    There are no plans for this. We've talked about adding volume storage options to Cloud VPS packages akin to adding another drive to a dedicated server. It's unlikely that OpenVZ "standard" VPS plans will see this option again.
  6. KH-Jonathan

    Extra SSD for VPS

    We dropped pro-rated addons for new packages some time ago. There generally wasn't benefit to using it versus going to the next package up.
  7. KH-Jonathan

    VPS and IPv6 situation

    We built everything in Amsterdam IPv6-ready but we're not actively deploying IPv6 on OpenVZ yet. Currently we're deploying IPv6 with Dedicated and Cloud offerings, but they are not available in Amsterdam. Are you being migrated to IPv6 only, or just IPv6 in addition to v4? If you're being...
  8. KH-Jonathan

    Ok... just wondering if my VPS is being moved atm.

    Open up a ticket and we can check. You won't have to change IPs or nameservers or anything like that.
  9. KH-Jonathan

    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    I'll PM you. I'd like to troubleshoot this a bit.
  10. KH-Jonathan

    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    A bunch of little files or one big one?
  11. KH-Jonathan

    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    Yours has already been increased. Outbound traffic from your VPS (what serving web traffic/downloads mostly is) will already operate at 200Mbps. Due to the tunnel inbound traffic (ie if you were uploading files) will still be limited until the tunnel is removed from the equation.
  12. KH-Jonathan

    Looking for Previous Cpanel/WHM users that switched to DA

    Here's a solid write up comparing the two:
  13. KH-Jonathan

    Exciting Changes at KnownHost & cPanel Pricing

    We're in the process of moving VPSs from Dallas which means there's an IP tunnel active routing through through Dallas, then to Atlanta. Once the migration is complete we'll remove the IP tunnel and traffic will route directly to Atlanta. Port speeds in some cases won't be increased until the...
  14. KH-Jonathan

    Reseller hosting move

    While I appreciate the sentiment, I am but a flawed human :p
  15. KH-Jonathan

    Reseller hosting move

    All services previously in Baltimore have been relocated to Atlanta, and Cloud from TX (Reseller/Shared included) is complete. We're deploying new dedicated servers in Atlanta and actively migrating them from Dallas, and OpenVZ (standard managed VPS) migrations are underway from Dallas to...
  16. KH-Jonathan

    Reseller hosting move

    The new network is a lot nicer than the old one ;)
  17. KH-Jonathan

    Reseller hosting move

    Yep, it's all in Atlanta now. IP geolocation services are notoriously inaccurate, but we also haven't updated the IP location information yet either. It's definitely in the new facility now and the IP tunnel is deactivated so all traffic is going directly to/from Atlanta.
  18. KH-Jonathan

    CSF custom Regex to *allow* IP's

    You definitely want csf.ignore, not csf.allow. Allow will will whitelist the IP against closed ports, ignore will simply make LFD not trigger blocks on login failures. The latter is what you want. It is possible to include a file into csf.ignore, it's quite easy actually. Ex: Include...
  19. KH-Jonathan

    I'm curious, how much has cPanel's price increase affected it's user base...

    Most people are doing it on principle. cPanel is price gouging and we're absorbing a lot of it to keep things reasonable for customers....that doesn't mean we're happy with cPanel or what they did, and our official recommendation for a panel is now DirectAdmin.