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    help transferring cpanel account from bluehost shared hosting

    I've used the great guide in the how to section before with great success, however I have some complications and would welcome any ideas or input: I want to move a cpanel account from my long-standing Bluehost account (around 10 years old now) to my now 15 month-old VPS2 here at KH. I've done...
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    Forum - member page not working

    If I click on a member's title to see their profile page, for example mine the links: Profile Posts Recent Activity Postings Information don't work at all, just stays on the default page. This is the same in Safari (Version 8.0.4 (10600.4.10.7)) or Chrome (Version 47.0.2526.106 (64-bit)) on...
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    Changing IP address of cPanel account

    So I have a VPS2 with a reseller account and a couple of dozen cPanel accounts under that. I've purchased 2 additional IP addresses and set things so new accounts use one of these. I want to move some of the existing cPanel accounts to either of the new IP addresses. Will this be affected by...