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    Follow us on Twitter!!

    Fantastic! Sorry for a three day bump, just wanted to say I'm following you in a non-creepy sense <.<.
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    Obtaining old e-mails?

    Sorry for the late reply! Unfortunately I don't have any backups, I always just winged it, but now I'm going to start creating backups :-P. What would you recommend so it doesn't happen again? Thanks a lot, I really appreciate the help! Best regards, Cameron
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    Obtaining old e-mails?

    Hello! Thank you for the response. I checked my webmail, not a single thing. None of my old messages were downloaded either, and it's through POP3. Any ideas? Best regards, Cameron
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    Obtaining old e-mails?

    Hey everybody, So I configured my e-mail client with the e-mails from my domain, and had some important information on there that I need. Well, a update was installed on my computer which constantly gave me the BSOD. I didn't realize it was from automatic updates until -after- I reformatted...