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    Hosting website pre-domain

    Hi everyone. I want to be able to do site redesigns for people and host their sites on my VPS. However, I was wondering if there's a way to create a new website account, upload the site files and access the site online before the domain has been redirected to the new location? For example, is...
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    Setting Content-Type header

    Hi all, I'm not sure how to check the Content-Type header that my VPS is using, and would also like to know how to change it if it is not utf-8. Does anyone know how to check and/or modify it? I gather it has something to do with httpd.conf, but I don't know how to access that. I'm looking to...
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    Spam from my account?

    Hi all, I'm getting a lot of spam email ostensibly from an email address I had (but deleted) from my account. Though I don't like to click on this stuff, I had a look at the header info, and it cites and my IP address as the source. I don't know anything about this stuff...
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    Access to HTTP headers in WHM?

    I was just wondering if and/or how I can look at/modify the HTTP headers sent by my server. (I am learning about character encoding...) As I understand, I need to access my Apache httpd.conf, but I have no idea how. Is this possible via WHM? Thanks for any suggestions...
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    Affiliate Program - PayPal account?

    Hi all, I feel really dumb, but I was signing up for the Affiliate program, and it asks for my "PayPal Account". I certainly have one, but I have no idea what information is actually being asked for. There is just a simple text box. Is it an email address? I'm mystified. By the way, I am...
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    SpamAssassin missing

    In all of my CPanel accounts, SpamAssassin does not appear in the list of options, although BoxTrapper and the other email related options do. The Package for each account is the default (SpamAssassin etc ticked), so where is it? I'm using CPanel x3. Help!
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    Signing a certificate

    Hi all, I don't have any special certificate for my VPS, nor do I need one at this stage. However, whenever I check my emails through the email client, I always first get a message that the program "Can't verify the identity of Certificate was signed by an unknown...
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    Getting started with VPS

    Hi all, I've recently signed up for a VPS account. I'm pretty handy with HTML, CSS, and can manage a bit of PHP, JS and a CMS or two. But when it comes to web hosting, I'm totally lost. Am I just stupid, or out of my depth? I have no idea where to start. With shared hosting, I just get an ftp...
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    Creating name servers

    Hi all, I've just recently signed up with KH, and now the questions begin! Not sure if this is the best category to post in, but no other category seemed quite right... Just wondering about creating name servers. The instructions say to create a name servers like this (this is a modified...