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    Hello Members

    Welcome RylJam!
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    MVPS optimization for Wordpress

    That's correct. It's just a shared hosting services optimized for WordPress, but as I said you can optimize a dedi just the same. The SysAdmin stuff for a dedicated server is no different from a VPS really. To the untrained eye you wouldn't even be able to tell the difference.
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    MVPS optimization for Wordpress

    Hello Terry, Mainly it just comes down to resources and how they're allocated. With a dedicated server all the CPU power, all the server memory, all the space, all of the bandwidth, everything is your playground as opposed to VPS's which you just get part of the server's resources. You'd be...
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    5 years with KnownHost --> 2014/2019

    Welcome to the 5 year club Jean!!! :D
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    Sorry I went MIA for a bit there. Been meaning to post a thanks to KH for the swag I got a while back. Sorry you got stuck with the bad drives @Dan :D Thanks KnownHost!!!
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    13 Year Anniversary!

    Congrats!!! :D :cool: Only 5 here, but I have no doubt at this rate I'll get to 13 too.
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    cPanel's new pricing structure?

    @KH-Jonathan That article says So does the price increase even apply to KH, and subsequently it's customers, at all?
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    Upgrade MySQL to MariaDB

    Yeah, the upgrade is quick and easy, you likely won't even notice any change at all. Queries and functions all work the same. The only issue I had was with a single table that I had special permissions on, it defaulted it back to the account having full access, but besides that no problems at...
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    Avid movie watchers?

    Finally saw Endgame yesterday. I have mixed feelings.
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    More bad drives, huh? All those kernel panics. At least they're solid state drives now. @Dan got stuck with all the HDDs.
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    Avid movie watchers?

    I've not seen any from the list but my daughter and I saw Secret Life of Pets 2 last weekend. It was cute, she liked it, but I found myself looking at my watch from time to time. As for Toy Story 4, my Wife works at a Disney related medical center for kids and she got to meet Tom Hanks AND Tim...
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    *BUMP* *HINT* *HINT* Or, do I have to hit legendary 10 year status?
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    Shared Hosting Account: that meets Xenforo requirements

    If you're sending over 70,000 emails per month, you may want to consider something beefier than a shared hosting plan.
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    Shared Hosting Account: that meets Xenforo requirements

    Big and BOLD no less and I overlooked it. Most of what I said also applies to shared hosting questions. Shared Hosting is SSD, inode is 200,000 for shared, no email limit so long as it adheres to the AUP, cPanel is included. The only question(s) left is if KH includes ImageMagick on shared, and...
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    Shared Hosting Account: that meets Xenforo requirements

    3,500 members is great, but more importantly how many daily visitors do you have? All options here have SSD, unless you were to get a dedicated and change to an HDD. Not sure what you mean by "Monthly Transfer #", if you're referring to bandwidth VPS's have between 2 - 5 TB bandwidth depending...
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    Exim exploit for versions prior to v4.92

    @KH-JonathanKW Thanks for clarifying. Scary. Full Article
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    Exim exploit for versions prior to v4.92

    Thanks for the notice! I had: exim-4.92-1.cp1180.x86_64 on one server exim-4.92-1.cp1178.x86_64 on another and exim-4.91-3.cp1170.x86_64 on a customized server currently stuck on EA3, so updates have been an issue. I modified the /etc/cpupdate.conf file per their instructions, ran the update (to...
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    Ram/CPU/Storage Increases

    More often it's better to upgrade to a new plan. For example, one of my Dedi's is on the older Cent OS and I won't be able to continue cPanel updates much longer, so I'm going to have to switch that server to a new plan. It'll be much better specs, at nearly the same cost, so I'd be doing it...
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    Reseller hosting location

    I didn't realize you expanded shared hosting services. I see now. Thanks @KH-JonathanKW So @mtc10y would be able to if he wanted to pay for the higher expense of a Managed VPS, right?