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    Video streaming

    Does anyone here use their VPS (cPanel) for streaming videos? I'm looking for some info on what resource usage is required, what sized videos are you streaming, number of views and other related info. I guess this would be progressive streaming method, unless someone has installed "real"...
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    Fantastico - Joomla

    Can someone tell me whether cPanel -> Fantastico has options to install both Joomla 1.0.x and 1.5.x?
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    cPanel pricing

    have read that cPanel is increasing their VPS monthly pricing. Will this affect the current prices cPanel VPS clients are paying at KH?
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    Semi Managed to Fully Managed

    VPS packages now come with Fully managed VPS management as stated at: Are existing clients signed up under the previous Semi Managed plan now entitled to the Fully Managed plan as well?
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    Emails to Hotmail disappear

    When I send an email to a Hotmail account, it is successfully sent out from the VPS. There is no delivery failure, no bounce, no other errors. The VPS IP is not on any spam block list. There is reverse DNS and SPF record. The Hotmail account is working as it receives mails from other domains...