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  1. The Sorcerer

    Wordpress to recommed hosting companies SSL certs by default

    I noticed this message in my WordPress: First, early in 2017, we will only promote hosting partners that provide a SSL certificate by default in their accounts. Later we will begin to assess which features, such as API authentication, would benefit the most from SSL and make them only enabled...
  2. The Sorcerer

    Need help to create a second wordpress site on the server

    Hi, I have a VPS-2 with an extra IP address and a new domain from Namecheap. I wish to create a second WordPress site in the server but I am not sure how to do it plus the guides are creates more questions than answers. I'll appreciate any advice or a reference to a step-by-step guide.
  3. The Sorcerer

    Possible issue

    I was successfully migrated but I was bit surprised when the migration was complete. When I saw the directory, there is home/ and home1/ folder of which both has the same wordpress files. Currently its occupying about 24% of space. I have changed the dns but I think its going to take a while to...
  4. The Sorcerer

    Before I jump in...

    Hi, I have some questions that I would like to ask. I am planning to purchase VPS-2 for a year with CPanel. I have a Wordpress site (DB size is about 5.62GB) in a shared account in another hosting and also plan to open a xenforo forum once I shifted. I wanted to ask, excuse my n00bishness but I...