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    EFF Let's Encrypt SSL certificate usage

    I did a quick search for this and did not see any posts so excuse me if this is a repeat. My SSL certificates are expiring at the end of the month and I am considering using the free EFF CA rather than paying to renew the Comodo certs I have now. Does KH support this? If so is there anything...
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    Looking for any experience with ownCloud

    Has anyone here experimented with ownCloud <>? I have an efriend in the EU who has set this up and written about it a little, and I have looked over some of the documentation. But, honestly, I do not know too much about it. I'm interested in having something under...
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    Email server configuration and SMTP not responding

    I have a few questions regarding my mail server configuration. 1. SMTP: I am unable to send email via SMTP. I get a connection timed out error. In Service Configuration > Service Manager Exim SMTP is enabled and I receive emails generated from the system, but I cannot login to the server as a...
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    Understanding cPanel migrations

    I have a question on cPanel migrations. I ask because it may affect which domain I migrate first and how I do it. I have multiple domains at another host, all under one cPanel. Due to problems at this host the domains are “locked” in cPanel and cannot be deleted from the account. The host has...
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    IP address monitoring

    What is the process for ensuring that IP addresses assigned to new VPS users are not blacklisted? Because I have been on shared hosting for years, and because I never had the foresight to buy dedicated IPs, I have occasionally been caught up in blocking problems caused by nefarious actors who...
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    Migrating domains within WHM

    I have several WordPress sites and a couple of small static sites (10 total) running on two shared hosting accounts - one standard, one reseller - and I plan to move to a VPS. I have read several threads here on migration and WP optimization so I will not ask the same questions, but I do have...