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    European Datacentre

    Has Knownhost any plans to add a European based datacentre? The reason that I ask is that I have just read on this thread that knownhost has many customers based in Europe:- and I wondered if that level of customer base may indeed warrant a...
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    Advice on optimising my VPS - MySQL mainly!

    Hello, I remember reading several threads in the past where others have advised on how to otimise various configuration files to enable MySQL and PHP to run more effectively, but these were usually servers with 512mb of memory+ I think the files to adjust were the .cnf file and the other had...
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    Cpanel components taking forever to load

    Hi, I've been with Knownhost for several months and I am very happy with ther uptime and customer service :). However I am having a few problems accessing Cpanel and Webmail which seem to take an age to load. The sites load fine, and fast (allowing for a short lag as i'm in the UK). However...
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    Close old offer threads!!

    Just a suggestion that may stop the wasting of your time (and that of your clients :) ) Can we please either lock or remove the old offer threads when they have expired?. Not everybody comes in via the main page and its confusing to see what appears to be an active thread right at the top of...