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    Monitoring VPS usage

    Is there any software that will allow me to easily monitor and get stats on my VPS usage, mainly RAM and CPU? The charts I see in the billing area are hard for me to make sense out of. It shows RAM as being almost maxed out but when I look in WHM I'm around 20-25%. I think metrics like average...
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    Which datacenter

    Which datacenter should I choose? My clients are primarily located in NY but over time I'm hoping my reach increases as my business expands. Is there any compelling reason to go with one location over another?
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    OpenVZ, Litespeed and Colocation

    I'm going back and forth between KH and another company and I'm leaning towards KH for the excellent support. But I have some questions/concerns that I was hoping you could help me with. I'm coming from a shared reseller account and primarily host WordPress sites, one of which is a multisite...