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    How to recover a domain name registered to someone else?

    Hi all, I own and run an online forum, lets call it Anyway, a few years back, one of my members purchased the domain name and directed the domain at my site. We had this arrangement up until recently, when something happened and now the version no...
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    SSH on shared accounts?

    I'd like to move some files from my Knownhost VPS to my new Knownhost shared account - can I have access to SSH to do a wget? I can't seem to connect via ssh to my ip (which is dedicated).
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    Thank you from a customer of over 12 mths!

    I just wanted to give some kudos to Knownhost, as they really deserve it. I have been with Knownhost since July 2006 and have had the same VPS running (XXL with CPanel) that whole time and never once have I had any problems with the server or the support provided. I've lodged a few support...
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    DNS problems with one of my domains?

    Over the last 6 months or so, I've been having intermittent problems with one of my domains hosted on my VPS. Every now and then, when trying to browse to the domain, my users get this sort of error: Firefox can't find the server at * Check the address for typing...