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  1. KH-Paul

    Changes in VPS backups management

    Starting from today, 07/17/2008, all servers in TX and LA datacenters were switched to the new backup scheme, systems located in San Jose, CA continue to utilize original backups management scheme and currently we do not have plans to change backups management in SJ, CA. New backup...
  2. KH-Paul

    VPS backups scheme

    While we worked on updated backups functionality we also researched various solutions around and the only other interesting backup solution we found was R1Soft CDP Solution. Both, Virtuozzo's built-in and R1Soft's backup solutions have their own cons and pros and we would be interested to know...
  3. KH-Paul

    05/01/08 - Potential security issues in cPanel and Horde

    The following security update notification was just received from cPanel. You can update cPanel installation by clicking the "Click to Upgrade" button at WHM >> >> cPanel >> Upgrade to Latest Version or by running the "/scripts/upcp" command from the root-level ssh session. Alternatively please...
  4. KH-Paul

    Network and Hardware status forum was split into 3 subforums

    This thread is created for the informational purpose only so everyone who is subscribed to the "Network and Hardware status" forum will receive a notification email. As you may have noticed "Network and Hardware status" was split into 3 different subforums: - TX Network and Hardware status...
  5. KH-Paul

    Horde arbitrary file inclusion vulnerability

    The following notification was just received from cPanel: ************************* An arbitrary file inclusion vulnerability has been discovered in the Horde webmail application. At present, we can confirm that this security vulnerability in question affects Horde 3.1.6 and earlier. Based...
  6. KH-Paul

    PathTools, Cwd, File::Spec and missing MySQL databases in cPanel

    The following notification was received from cPanel: ******** A recent update of the Perl module PathTools which provides Cwd and the File::Spec module namespace introduces usage of Perl 5.10 functions. This change will result in an undefined symbol error similar to: symbol lookup error...
  7. KH-Paul

    cPanel Advisory: IO::Compress and DNS Zones missing

    The following advisory was just received from cPanel team: Dear cPanel Partner, The CPAN module IO::Compress::Zlib version 2.006 has caused several issues for some. The problems arise due to a dependency upon IO::Compress::Base not being correctly installed. This is due to some mirrors not...
  8. KH-Paul

    Fix for runaway SpamAssassin process on cPanel systems

    The following notification was received from cPanel: Dear cPanel Partner, There have been numerous reports recently regarding excessive CPU utilization by spamd. This is occurring as a result of a bug in the berkelydb implementation used by SpamAssassin, which causes spamd children to enter an...
  9. KH-Paul

    Plesk 8.2

    Plesk 8.2 was just released but please do not attempt to upgrade as number of upgrade-related issues exists in this build. Please wait at least until first patch for Plesk 8.2 will be released before trying to upgrade the system. Regards, Paul
  10. KH-Paul

    cPanel 11 Partial/Broken Updates

    If you're having troubles with account creation / modification / termination or with cPanel-level one time account backups then run the following commands in the root-level ssh session to fix the problem and to complete update from cPanel v10 to v11 on your system...
  11. KH-Paul

    Memory usage information reporting is changed

    In addition to the exciting changes announced at we made one more less significant change which fixes "broken" memory usage reporting inside the VPS. From now on applications running inside your VPS will see memory usage information based on...
  12. KH-Paul

    Software upgrade on all nodes

    This thread was created to answer any possible questions that you may have regarding the thread in "Network and Hardware status" section of this forum. Regards, Paul
  13. KH-Paul

    cPanel security update

    Due to the recently found security hole in cPanel we executed cPanel update procedure on all cPanel VPSs hosted with us. This is only an informational thread, no action required from your side. Regards, Paul