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    Looking for Ckassroom Test Scripts (Googled & Yahooed out!)

    Hi all, If anyone can help me find a decent PHP classroom testing script that supports Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers (where more than one answer is correct), and fill in the blank questions. The results of the test need to be mailed to an email address. I've Googled and Yahooed for...
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    FTP Uploads slow on purpose?

    My site is back here finally (I forgot about the three A records I needed to make.) I was just wondering if the FTP uploads are normally kept at about dial-up modem speeds on purpose? I was getting from 28-56k and was taking a very long time to upload some files (well over an hour). Download...
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    Help with tar command

    Hi all, While I am waiting on sales here, I have a question on the tar command, I do know how to extract tar files via command line (SSH) but i need the command to archive everything (including hidden files and sub-directories). Since all my domains where I am at are all under html, I...
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    Hi, Just a questiion about powerpanel

    Hi, I'm new to KH as well, but not as new to VPS's or Dedis as I once was (I'm still new enough that I still can't figure out vi yet but I got nano/pico down pat :)) I do have a question though, with CPANEL/WHM VPS'z, what would the Virtuzzo power panel be used for? As for what I can see, WHM...