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    vBulletin 4.0

    I am interested in any impressions you guys have of the newest vBulletin release. I know it's pretty recent but wonder if anybody has any thoughts here.
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    Webhostingtalk attack

    Just got the mass email from SoftWareRevue of WHT: I haven't been there in months and I got to say I am pretty shocked to see WHT successfully targeted and to this extent. Over the years I have sometimes, time allowing, followed the threads there including the ones about their own issues. I...
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    apf and dosdeflate

    Early on in my KH days support set up apf with dos deflate for me, I have been playing around with dos deflate's "NO_OF_CONNECTIONS" to find a good number because I would see that simply replying to a thread (on a vBulletin forum with smilies loading up on the right hand side) could trigger a...
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    Crawling all morning

    Any ideas on what is going on this morning on vz15-tx? top stats look good but still something's going on [root@host ~]# grep "load av" /loadtest.txt|tail 10:31:15 up 56 days, 17:39, 0 users, load average: 11.01, 9.80, 8.92 10:40:12 up 56 days, 17:48, 0 users, load average: 2.50, 6.02...
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    safe mode master value

    I was thinking of asking via a ticket but I thought about posting. I set safe mode off when creating domains via CP (I have Plesk), but when looking at phpinfo I notice that the master value is on. I know that local value off should work but am wondering if the master value on could somehow...
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    domain and nameserver setup questions

    New to KH and using plesk. I have a few questions would appreciate help, sorry if its been answered already. I logged first time into plesk and chose full hostname of '' and shared IP, hope those are ok, I want to ask what the fullhostname ('host') is for and am I going to use...